A little about Reverend Diane


As the Great Granddaughter of a Spiritualist Minister, I grew up with the beliefs that we are all one with the Universe, that the Law of attraction was a fact, and that our loved ones who have passed are with us always, we only need to call to them.


Being raised with these beliefs was the beginning of my Spiritual journey.  I listened to the wisdom of my Great Grandmother, and learned the lessons she taught me and my mother before me.


Even though, I was a practicing spiritualist for over 30 years, like everyone else, life carried on and everyday concerns took over.  I had lost my footing on my path.


After big changes in my life, I finally found my way back to the beliefs I had been taught as a child, and it was then I began to feel my purpose was to help others spiritually.


I decided to carry on my Great Grandmother's work and become an Ordained Minister.  I was able to realize that goal when I completed my Minister's studies with the University of Metaphysics , University of Sedona and their International Metaphysical Ministry.


As an Ordained Minister I hope to carry on the legacy my Great Grandmother began and to help those on their spiritual journey.

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As an Ordained Minister of The International Metaphysical Ministry;

  • I am a wedding officiant / wedding minister serving South East Michigan.  Each and every wedding I design is individual to the couple.  It is YOUR wedding YOUR way.  I can perform small ceremonies on up to large formal weddings.  Hand-fasting  and elopement ceremonies are also available.  Please consider an elopement ceremony in lieu of a courthouse ceremony.


  • I  provide home or business blessings.  I will help you start your new venture with love and light surrounding you.  As the great grandaughter of an Ordained Spiritual Minister I grew up knowing that no home was ready to move in to without a blessing.  Each blessing is indiviual to the family or business owner.


  • Baptisms and naming ceremonies.  Life is an occasion and it is a joy to celebrate each occasion with some sort of ceremony. Each baptism and naming ceremony is also individual to the family's beliefs.  Let me make this major life milestone special by creating a ceremony just for your child.


  • Funeral services and passing ceremonies.  Each life deserves celebrating.  Funeral services and passing ceremonies are as individual as the soul we celebrate.  Let me help you to celebrate the life of your loved one.