Intuitive Spiritual Advisor


Everyone needs someone to talk to.  As an ordained minister and a medium I can offer you a listening ear and if necessary, the unique, caring advice of your loved ones who have passed from this side of life. Please contact me at or (586) 935-8040 to make an appointment or for more information.

Home and Business Blessings


Have you moved into a new home or opened a new business ?  Begin your future in the Light.  I perform home and business blessings with a

blessing that fits your beliefs.  As a non-denominational Ordained Metaphysical Minister my home or business blessings can be tailored to your needs.

Baptisms, naming ceremonies, Funerals, etc...


Life, is an occasion.  Many choose to honor many occasions with ceremony.  As an Ordained Minister I have a strong belief in the sacred celebrations and milestones of life.  Let me help you mark those occasions with a customized ceremony.  Baptisms, naming ceremonies, birthday blessings, pet blessings, rememberance cremonies are all a way to mark the milestones of life.  Please contact me to create a specialized ceremony just for you.

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